Testimonials“Kate is a great motivational teacher. When I started with her, I was very unsure of myself. She helped build-up my confidence. She kept an eye out for choirs that I could join and eventually found a group for me to audition for. With Kate’s help, I was able to earn membership and solo in their Christmas concert. I have recently moved out of state and I have yet to find a vocal teacher like her.” -Jessica, adult voice student
“When I started learning from Kate, my interest in music blossomed into a love of it. She helped me strengthen my voice throughout the years, and I have grown confident about my singing ability. She taught me many things such as sight reading and folk music, and helped me grow not just as a singer, but as a performer.” -Vindhya, teenage voice student
“Kate puts such a joy into teaching; she inspires you to learn and improve. Not only has she helped me to strengthen my piano playing skills, but her love of music has helped me to uncover mine.” -Camille, teenage piano student
“You have one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard in my life! And, you have always been an inspiring, motivating and exceptional teacher.” -Carol , mother of two students
“I have two children with Kate, each learns in a vastly different way. Her patience and adaptability allows for both of my kids to learn to the best of their ability. Kate is not only talented and beautiful, she also loves to share her passion for music. This rare combination of attributes is what makes Kate such an incredible teacher.” -Ketty, mother of two students
“You taught the students so well. Words couldn’t express my appreciation for you. You not only taught Julia how to play piano, but also taught her the life-long lesson of love of the music. This wonderful experience will remain in our hearts forever!” -Connie, mother of a student