Voice Lessons

Voice LessonsDo you want to sing with more confidence?

Kate can help you:

  • Let go of tensions in the body to free up your singing
  • Embrace a positive mindset to help you sing your best in any situation
  • Sing pure vowels and clear consonants to effectively communicate lyrics
  • Breathe optimally for the best possible sound
  • Connect to the meaning of your song, resulting in better singing and performance

Kate can help you with your singing goals – no matter where you aspire to perform!

Kate’s students have had success in these areas and more:

  • St. Louis Symphony Chorus, St. Louis Women’s Chorale
  • St. Louis Children’s Choirs
  • School and community musicals
  • District and State Solo and Ensemble Festival
  • Leading worship at church
  • Singing in local bands
  • Singing the national anthem at sporting events
  • Even Karaoke!